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How to update a brick fireplace


Brick stain colors


"Wow!! I am so happy with this product! I had the ugliest hearth bricks before using this product and now I love my hearth. It is a lot like painting with watercolors but it works great. The first photo is my hearth before. I cleaned the brick with water, a scrubber, and Sonett scouring powder and let it dry for a week before applying the stain. The first photo is my hearth before, and the second is after staining.

ADVICE I found mixing colors to be fairly easy. The instructions did not define how much powder to put in the water because it will depend on how bright you want the color. I found that about 4 teaspoons worked the best in the recommended water quantity for color mixing. I would apply many light coats to achieve your color. There was more than enough powder in the kit to likely color two hearths the size of mine. I am an artist and I am skilled at mixing colors, but I know that there is a number you can call and they will give you a formula to help you mix your color just right.

I would and likely will buy this product again. I have exterior brick that is the same ugly color and I can't wait to change it too!" 




Updating brick fireplace


Red brick stain for fireplace


"I’m very pleased with how it looks.  I ended up using 2 teaspoons red, 2 teaspoons black and 1 teaspoon blue.


Thanks for all your help!"



How to update a brick fireplace


Mortar Stain


"This works great; saved me from thousands of dollars in repairs!

We had a new, double-sided fireplace installed. The mason messed up the mortar color -- it was supposed to be light gray not orange (who gets orange?). Content never to have to work with him again, we sought out options. All of the other options were expensive. Since those other options were some variation on chiseling away the mortar or redoing the entire fireplace, it was worth a shot to try this.


Once I got the recipe correct, this process was fast. The mixture goes on more or less like water on a paintbrush. It's not thick. And, at least in my "gray" case, it was hard to tell that it was actually going on except that it looked wet and the orange started to go away.

Since it goes on like water, getting rid of the excess water after dipping it in prevented a lot of dripping. Forgetting to do it was just a time waste since it meant a relatively simple clean up step."


"This kit is truly amazing! It is so much easier than I ever thought it could be to change the color of your brick. The customer service is fantastic! They will help you develop the formula you need. My brick was originally 4 different colors and they developed a formula for each of the colors to get a consistent color across them all."

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