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Change the color of your brick fireplace

Masonry Cosmetics is the developer and manufacturer of the proprietary brick staining process that's proven to last. By absorbing into the pores structure, our stains chemically bond to porous masonry, and will never flake, peel or blister like a paint. Your fireplace will stay maintenance-free, and our stain will never need to be reapplied or removed.

Whether you're looking for a bold makeover or a subtle facelift to your fireplace, our translucent stain will give you an ideal look for years to come.

three easy ways to give your fireplace a makeover

Staining stone fireplace

Need our service?

Hire the Color Specialists at Masonry Cosmetics

German smear stone fireplace


Order the Brickman Stain for multiple projects on your punch list

How to whitewash brick fireplace


Order the Colorant Kit for your one-time do-it-yourself project

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