Masonry Cosmetics, Inc.  is a developer and manufacturer of a proprietary masonry product and renewal process that permanently bonds with any porous masonry product including brick, block, mortar, natural and manufactured stone. The process has been independently tested and verified.

How to apply the product    Fireplace Color Change


Fireplace Makeover Questions and Answers

Question:  Will it work on manufactured stone, cast stone and natural limestone?

Answer:  Yes.  Our process has been successfully used for over 28 years to match brick repairs, correct damage from harsh cleaning methods, remove graffiti, match additions and existing walls, create decorative patterns, and make a lasting change to fireplace masonry.

Question:  Will it work on my fireplace?

Answer:  In most case: YES.  Masonry Cosmetics ask that you do a simple water test. To accomplish this...simply pour water on a test area.  Note the effects of the water: did the water change the color of the wall or did it bead up like wax on a car?  If the water "darkens" the color and absorbs into the masonry, then our product will work.

Or:  Look at the video to the right, to see the change in color when the water is applied to the brick.  If your masonry wall acts the same as the video, then our product will work for you!

How do I order this product or service?  Simply visit one or our other sites at Masonry Cosmetics, Colorant Kit or the Brickmanstainkit.  Also, feel free to use our Contact Us page. One of the most popular ways to order is simply call us at 1-888-698-8705. We would need a shipping address and payment information when you call.