Kits To Change Color of Fireplace

The New Restore Paver Color System

Want to change the look of your concrete pavers? Try our New System!


Brickman Stain Kit...

‚ÄčThis kit is perfect for Masons and Contractors.

*Have multiple projects to do...present and future?

*Would you like to invest in an affordable business for just $329 ?

Make money changing the color of outdated fireplaces giving Fireplace Makeovers. You can also change the color on all the mismatched masonry repairs and additions in your hometown. Your hard work will be guided by some of the most knowledgeable experts in the business. Make happy customers and a well earned profit!


Do it yourself Kit.... This popular Colorant Kit is perfect for a one time project. We have created this kit designed especially for you at $119 (includes shipping to the contiguous United States ). Made in America, get the benefit of our experience and color your own masonry fireplace for 48 cents to $1.19 per square foot. Our popular kit is perfect to change the look of your outdated fireplace.


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Award Winning Service for a great price. Our Experts can come to your home. Just call  1-888-698-8705. Before calling, have the location of the project, square footage (height x width) and the ability to send 4 or 5 pictures (starting 2' back, 4', 6' and a overall scope).
Or write to us from the contact page and a representative will get back with you within 2 business days.

Follow this link to see why this service is the best.